Thursday, 19 February 2009

Birmingham Central Reference Library - Law Department

The Central Reference Library has a number of historic law reports and local acts that my be of interest to ALLICE members.

They have local and some private acts, Statutory Instruments and Acts of Parliament , and Parliamentary Papers from 1800 onwards, as well as Halsbury's Laws & Halsbury's Statutes . Although they used to have an extensive collection of loose-leaf legal texts, because of financial constraints they ceased subscriptions five years ago, moving to CD Roms and On-line subscriptions where they could afford them.They are just coming to the end of a three year deal with LNB which gave them access to LNB's "primary service" (All ER, Halsbury's Laws, Statutes, EF & P as well as one or two modules such as employment law and education law, as well as discounted hard copy Halsbury's Laws, etc. They may well change to Justis for some provision later in the year. Financial constraints caused the termination of their subscription to hard copy Weekly Law Reports at the end of 2008. Additionally no new books/material have been purchased for the library since November 2008.

They face some hard budgetary choices in 2009 and will cancel any hard copy if it is available electronically. They are also going to be moving the balance of their purchasing to monographs in line with official city policy.

As far as historic material is concerned, they have a number of nominate reports as well as some Private Acts, Local Acts complete from 1946, - those prior to this date are not complete, local statutory instruments, and some local and canal acts in the local history library.

The Reference Library as a whole is starting to plan now for it's move into the new building in four years time. This will entail discarding a significant amount of stock as well as re-directing services. They are keen to have customer's views.

Hazel Hewison has suggested inviting Steve Wood, Service Manager for Information Services at the Reference Lbrary to a future ALLICE meeting to learn about the provision they make for law, and future service patterns when the new library building is finished. I think this is a good idea and I am sure you will too.

June meeting - good home wanted

We need a host for the June meeting. Choice of dates are either 3rd or 10th. Can anyone help?

ALLICE Social Night - 24th March

We're arranging a 'credit crunch beating' social event on 24th March at Chez Jules in Brum

3 course meal + half bottle of wine @ £15 per person!!

Let Phil know if you're going to be there

BURSARY for BIALL Conference

It has been agreed that ALLICE will again offer a bursary to facilitate attendance at the BIALL Conference in 2009.

Eligibility criteria will be similar to those applicable to BIALL bursaries:

1) Applicants must be current members of ALLICE

2) Preference will be given to applicants who have worked in law libraries for less than 5 years, who have not attended a BIALL Conference before and who would not otherwise be able to attend due to lack of funding from their employers.

3) The bursary will cover the cost of the Conference Package - it does NOT include travel or accommodation costs.

Applications forms can be obtained from:

Phil Uttley,
Hammonds LLP,
Rutland House,
148 Edmund Street,
B3 2JR
DX 708610 Birmingham 17

Final date for applications - 27th March 2009

Applicants will be informed of the outcome as soon as possible after this date

Agenda for 11th March 2009

12.30 pm Wednesday 11th March 2009

Meeting to be held at

No 1 Colmore Square
B4 6AA

Map & Directions:


§ Normal business

1. Apologies

2. ALLICE Bursary for the BIALL conference

3. Union List

4. Future events

5. Next meeting

6. A.O.B.

§ Lucy Cudd from Lexis Nexis. Product update and Q&A session

In order that Lucy can provide the fullest answers to our questions, she had asked that we provide her with details in advance of the meeting, where possible. Whilst I am sure she will try to answer our questions with as much detail as possible, I expect she will only be able to respond generally to any questions about subscriptions.

Could you, therefore, please let me have details of any questions on any other subject you would like Lucy to address by 27th February