Thursday, 19 January 2012

Business Information Community of Practice (BICoP)




The ASLIB BICoP is a newly launched group with the aim of serving information
professionals, information intermediaries and business members from academia,
corporates and professional backgrounds.

BICoP Aims

• To provide a community of practice for ASLIB members concerned with supplying
and using Business Information.
• To promote and share good practice in the searching, retrieval, exploitation and
management of Business Information.
• To provide a forum for networking, discussion and support to professionals with an
interest in this area.

First Event!

Killer business information promotion techniques and how to develop your career

The first meeting for the Business Information Community of Practice will be held at
the City Business Library at the Guildhall, London on the 22nd February, 6pm for a
6.30pm start. The meeting is free to all ASLIB members and will include information
on the City Business Library services to business, their exemplary promotional
activities and outreach to the business community. There will also be a presentation
followed by questions on developing your business information career from the Sue
Hill Recruitment team.

Please book by 20th February.

To book your place, or for further information about the event or the BICoP email
Emmy Rawcliffe:, or call 01274 515663

Minutes of meeting 18/01/2012

12.30 pm Wednesday 18th January 2012 at Pinsent Masons

In attendance

Tricia Wyspianska, Barry Vickery, Nicola Dennis, John Reynolds, Caroline Mosley, Amanda Hulme, Helen Marshall, Jon Beaumont, Alison Rae, Rita Flakoll, Diane Harris, Rachel Relves, Stephen Wheeler, Paul Dovey, Phil Uttley, Caroline Covington and Suzanne Homer

1. Apologies

Adele Champken, Helen Dunn, David Houston, Christine Newlove, Sally Hassel, Sue Kendall, Erica Foster, Jackie Hanes, Aine Astbury, Caroline Janukowicz, Pat Pritchard and Liz Gwillim

2. Treasurer’s Report

This is attached to the same email as these minutes

3. Nomination of Officers

Both Chair and Treasurer announced that they were standing down. Members thanked them for the work they had done in their posts over many years. A small presentation was made to both officers.

Alison Rae was voted in as the new Chair but no nominations were received for the Treasurer’s post so it was left to the committee to decide upon a way forward. Members were asked to re-consider volunteering for this post. The two main tasks involved were membership invoicing (around September each year) and general financial work, such as dealing with general expenses and preparing an annual report. It might be possible to split these responsibilities between two people in order to lessen the workload. If any member thinks that they may be able to take on either or both of these tasks, they should contact Phil Uttley.

Volunteers were also still required for the committee. This involves attending up to 6 meetings a year to arrange member meetings, events, etc.

4. Future meetings

Members agreed that meetings should continue to be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays over the next 12 months. Suggestions for topics for future meetings included e-books, successes in promotional activities (following on from the Marketing event last year) and current challenges being faced. It was also suggested that PLC be invited to present on their new developments.

5. Future training events

Members agreed that the financial model used for the recent marketing event could be used again for future events, if appropriate, but that event content was key and future events should focus on building members’ skills. Suggested topics included Business Development Research, Project Management, Training and IT skills.

6. Future social events

The ‘Old Contemptibles’ evening had proved successful as it had been informal and people had been able to come and go as they pleased. Similar events would be welcome but lunch-time social events should also be considered.

7. Next meeting

A host was required for this meeting which will take place after 16th April. Please let Phil Uttley know if you are able to help.

8. A.O.B.

There was no other business so the Chair thanked members for their contributions