Monday, 24 August 2015

Introduction to Social Media for Knowledge Workers and Lawyers by Helene Russell

The next ALLICE Event will be held at:

138 Edmund Street
B3 2ES

On:  16th September 2015
Between: 12.00 - 2:00pm

Social media - more than marketing

Everyone assumes that social media for enterprise is all about selling. In fact it has great potential for personal and professional development. Our next session is a practical introduction to using a variety of social media as part of a personal knowledge management system: learning, curating useful knowledge and building relationships and a personal brand as expert.

Helene Russell, author, speaker, and consultant at TheKnowledgeBusiness, will help you to develop:

•           an understanding of the variety of social media tools and social networks available to you and their context for knowledge sharing, learning and engagement

•           your personal approach to effective management and curation of information, avoiding information overload

•           strategies for using web tools in an efficient way

•           strategies to build a trusted network, strong relationships and valuable knowledge-sharing conversations and build a personal brand as expert in your field

•           tools for tracking the effectiveness of your personal social media strategy.

With only 2 hours available, this will of course be just an outline view, but you will leave with plenty of new ideas to try/people to follow and cheat-sheets for getting started.

About Helene Russell:

Helene was a dispute resolution solicitor for a decade then worked as a Professional Support Lawyer for five years. She now runs her own business offering training, consultancy and implementation help for law firms with their know-how and knowledge management.

Helene is the author of the Law Society’s “Knowledge Management Handbook“ published in July 2012 and will shortly be publishing her next textbook on KM projects for law firms "A Year of Living Knowledgeably".
Helene is also founder of Knowledge Network West, the knowledge-sharing and networking group for KM professionals, which is based in Bristol but will shortly be expanding to Birmingham and Manchester.

For more information please go to:

Follow Helene on twitter @heleneadby and introduce yourself/ask questions/have a conversation before the session.   


The event will commence at 12:00pm and finish at 2:00pm.
 Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Dietary Requirements:

If you are attending, please ensure Phil is notified of any special dietary requirements by Friday 11th September 2015.


To enable us to get an idea of numbers, a calendar invite will be sent out early next week. Therefore, please ensure you have responded by close of play on Friday 11th September 2015.
 We hope to see you there...

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Notes from June meeting

ALLICE – Brainstorming Notes


A number of the ALLICE Group members, met to brainstorm two key topics that affect us all, our chosen topics were:

1. Knowledge Management – with specific relevance to: levels of involvement, resources/tool and problems and

2. Service Delivery – with specific relevance to: internal and external client service delivery and types of services offered.

The notes listed below are general notes from the meeting; they are not intended as minutes.

Knowledge Management (KM)

It was deemed that our levels of involvement in KM varied from firm to firm and the size of our firms also impacted on how, who and when we were involved in KM projects or initiatives.

We all agreed that KM was a huge subject and that it was difficult to define our involvement as we could argue that ideally or rather theoretically we should be involved in all firm-wide projects as they all included, had an element of or would benefit from effective KM.

Some had champions in the form of Knowledge Partners to work with and support their strategic initiatives. Other’s had the support of Managing Partners or other more senior team members.


We all had experienced a range of problems but the following were specifically identified and discussed:

• In the context of KM, we all agreed that the firm’s culture was a significant problem/barrier.

• Passive resistance and failure to cement knowledge contributions from lawyers

• Keeping knowledge banks up to date – currency issues

• Ownership and levels of responsibility

• Fear of loss of personal value and fear of criticism or incorrect interpretation

General notes:

• KM is very slow to be entrenched within law firms

• PLC is still very popular and well utilised

• Communication is vital to the success of any KM initiative

• The role of the PSL is so valuable to KM

• It’s natural and common sense to impart knowledge with colleagues, however it’s difficult to capture and retain the knowledge that is shared on a day to day basis between colleagues, departments and clients


• Does the economy and circumstance make a difference to the culture of a firm

• Does anyone else use team Wiki’s or firm blogs etc…?

• If you use Sharepoint, how successful has it been within your organisation as a KM tool?

• What other KM tools (if any) do you use to help with various KM initiatives?

• Are knowledge budgets still being cut?

• KM best practice – how to communicate and implement it

• If you had to state the single biggest problem that you had, what would it be? Would you agree with us?

Service Delivery (SD)

It was deemed that we all offered similar services to our end users to include:

• Library and information services – to include resource development

• Legal Research

• Company information service – to include Business Research

• Training – Trainee Training, Seat Change Training, Business Research skills


• Budget restrictions means that we are unable to offer as many external resources as we would like

• Licensing issues prohibit us from developing services for external clients

• Copyright issues also impact on how we can share information and knowledge

General notes:

It was interesting to learn that we had all ceased to provide or had automated the provision of Current Awareness services. If the service had not been automated then there was an interest to do so but the question of how valuable and relevant this service is, was debated as most if not all external content suppliers provided some form or alert or news feed. All found that Current Awareness services were time intensive to provide.


• Does anyone measure SD? If so how? SLA’s maybe…?

• Does anyone measure client satisfaction? Again, if so how? Perhaps via SurveyMonkey...?

• What involvement does everyone have in relation to content management of their firm’s website or intranet?

• Does anyone provide any other services than those listed above?

• How can SD be improved overall?

Social event


The date set for our ‘Speed Networking’ (and drinks) evening is Wednesday 11th July

The event will commence at the Squire Sanders office on Edmund Street at 5.30 pm and will migrate to the ‘Old Contemptibles’ later in the evening

Come and find out everything you ever wanted to know about your ALLICE colleagues and were afraid to ask before (and have a good time doing it) !!

If the weather’s nice we can also experience the music of the Backyard Music Boys who are playing that night in the new Church Street Square outside the office as part of the Birmingham International Jazz Festival



Friday, 25 May 2012

Social evening – w/c 9th July – ‘Speed networking’

This will begin at the Squire Sanders office at 5.30pm and move to the Old Contemptibles at an appropriate juncture.

Minutes of last meeting

12.30 pm Monday 16th April 2012 at Wragg & Co

In attendance

Tricia Wyspianska, Barry Vickery, Caroline Mosley, Amanda Hulme, Helen Marshall, Jon Beaumont, Rachel Relves, Stephen Wheeler, Paul Dovey, Phil Uttley, Caroline Covington, Susanne Homer, Liz Gwillim, Sue Kendall, Jackie Hanes, Mike Troon and Janis Law

1. Apologies

Diane Harris, Erica Foster, Sally Hassell, Jackie Sellars, Alison Rae, David Houston, Caroline Janukowicz, Adele Champken, Nicola Dennis, Aine Asbury and Patricia Pritchard

2. ALLICE professional development event - Mind Mapping – 23rd May

The members were reminded of this event which takes place at the Squire Sanders office on Edmund Street from 2 pm to 4 pm and costs £10. As current take up has been disappointing, it will now be advertised on LIS-LAW, etc. Please let Phil Uttley as soon as possible know if you intend to attend

3. Summer meeting – w/c 11th June – ‘Brainstorming’

A ‘host’ is required for this meeting.

It was pointed out after the meeting that this date partly clashes with the BIALL conference (14th – 16th June) so anyone able to host would need to be able to accommodate a Monday or Tuesday (11th or 12th June) meeting.

The topics to be ‘brainstormed’ will be chosen from Project Management, Knowledge Management, Communications, Business Development and Service Delivery (training, current awareness, etc.) Please let Phil know if you have any preferences (or additional topics).

4. Social evening – w/c 9th July – ‘Speed networking’

This will begin at the Squire Sanders office at 5.30pm and move to the Old Contemptibles at an appropriate juncture.

5. A.O.B.

There was no other business

6. PLC – Chris Jeffries & James Chuck

Chris and James provided an interesting presentation on recent and planned developments to PLC.

Next meeting

The next ALLICE meeting will be at 1230 on Tuesday 12th June – venue to be confirmed.

This will be a ‘Brainstorming’ meeting. The topics to be ‘brainstormed’ will be chosen from Project Management, Knowledge Management, Communications, Business Development and Service Delivery (training, current awareness, etc.)

Change of Officers

At the recent Annual General Meeting, members were informed that the Chair, Caroline Mosley, and the Treasurer, Caroline Covington, were standing down after many years loyal service.

Both were thanked for their efforts over the years.

A new Chair, Alison Rae, was elected and a new Treasurer, Liz Gwilliam.

The Committee now comprises Alison, Liz, Phil Uttley, Diane Harris and Rachel Relves