Thursday, 22 November 2007

Future meetings?

We are meeting next week to plan future ALLICE meetings. Please can you let us know if you have any agenda items for 2008? Perhaps you would like us to invite a guest speaker, or have a group discussion on a hot topic? If you do, please post a comment to the blog, or email us at

See you in December ...

Jackie H, Caroline M and Caroline C.


Phil Uttley said...

Hi, Jackie

Could we get someone to talk about accessing European information? Perhaps someone from the EIA or the Euro Info Centre at the Chamber.

How about a workshop on advanced internet searching where we could share our favorite websites?


Jon said...

We are really struggling with digital copyright at present. I don't think that the CLA are really involved in this, but I am unsure whether there would be any other individual/organisation that would be useful for our meeting?

Phil Uttley said...

As regards a possible Phil Bradley event, Web 2.0 is appearing everywhere (even in 'legitinate' circles) these days and CILIP are advertising 2 new courses on the subject, both run by Phil. Might be a good one to ask him to run for us - support dependent, of course