Wednesday, 12 March 2008

European Information Training Event

A proposal to arrange a session for the Association incorporating some form of training on European information has been posted to the blog and we need your views on what level of interest this might attract and what form it should take.

We have an agreement in principle from the EIA to support the event but we need to outline our requirements to them before they can give a firm commitment

Training on offer from EIA currently includes the following topics and it would be useful if you could say which would be of interest to you

§ The European Union - what it is, what it does, how it works
§ Tracing policy and legislative documents
§ Tracing background and explanatory materials
§ Using EU information networks
§ How the EU legal process works and how to track EU law effectively
§ The planning cycle, SEC documents and COM documents
§ The consultation process (EP, ESC and CoR)
§ Adoption (including ‘How do I know it’s been adopted?’) and transposition into national legislation
§ Case law (including ‘what’s the difference between C-1/05, T1-05

and F-1/05?’)
§ Documentation associated with mergers

It would also be useful if you could express your preference for the form of session – either full day, half day or lunchtime (12-2)

It is envisaged that the session would be run in Birmingham in September

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