Tuesday, 9 June 2009

ALLICE meeting 3rd June 2009 - Minutes

Wednesday 3rd June 2009


Jon Beaumont, Matthew Cadden, Caroline Covington, Diane Harris, Sally Hassell, Hazel Hewison, Jasmin Hollingum, Caroline Janukowicz, Sue Kendall, Caroline Mosley, Alison Parker, Rachel Relves , Jackie Sellars, Phil Uttley


Paula Biddlestone, Hilary Boucher, Louise Bowler, Margaret Brittin, Helen Dunn, Erica Foster, Susanne Homer, Lee Houghton, David Houston, Mandy Hulme, Keri Husband, Aileen Johnston, Christine Lambert, Bev Preece, Natasha Skeen, Mike Troon, Stephen Wheeler, Carol Wilson, Tricia Wyspianska, Louise Young


The meeting voted in favour of an increase in subscriptions to £25 from 1st September 2009

Future events

The meeting supported the plan to run the company information event as proposed and agreed that the focus should be on ‘free’ company information sources with additional references to business development and marketing. The course should, initially, be offered to ALLICE members and then to both ASLIB and BIALL members if capacity allowed.

All members were asked to feed ideas for additional training events to Phil Uttley who would liaise with both Sue Kendall (BIALL) and Alison Parker (ASLIB) so that opportunities for co-operation were maximised. One idea for the future was a Web 2.0 event.

Next meeting

The next meeting will be held at Anthony Collins on Wednesday 2nd September 2009.

Phil Uttley was asked to contact Steve Wood, Service Manager, Information Services at Birmingham Reference Library to see if he could join us for that meeting


Hammicks would be interested in attending an ALLICE meeting in the future

Members of the Birmingham Law Society who have not received a request to renew their library cards for the BLS library at Aston University, or who are interested in making a bid for any of the BLS stock, should let Pat Pritchard know before she attends the BLS meeting on 10th June

Caroline Covington will advise all members of the address for the Statute Law Revision Society in Hereford

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