Friday, 25 May 2012

Minutes of last meeting

12.30 pm Monday 16th April 2012 at Wragg & Co

In attendance

Tricia Wyspianska, Barry Vickery, Caroline Mosley, Amanda Hulme, Helen Marshall, Jon Beaumont, Rachel Relves, Stephen Wheeler, Paul Dovey, Phil Uttley, Caroline Covington, Susanne Homer, Liz Gwillim, Sue Kendall, Jackie Hanes, Mike Troon and Janis Law

1. Apologies

Diane Harris, Erica Foster, Sally Hassell, Jackie Sellars, Alison Rae, David Houston, Caroline Janukowicz, Adele Champken, Nicola Dennis, Aine Asbury and Patricia Pritchard

2. ALLICE professional development event - Mind Mapping – 23rd May

The members were reminded of this event which takes place at the Squire Sanders office on Edmund Street from 2 pm to 4 pm and costs £10. As current take up has been disappointing, it will now be advertised on LIS-LAW, etc. Please let Phil Uttley as soon as possible know if you intend to attend

3. Summer meeting – w/c 11th June – ‘Brainstorming’

A ‘host’ is required for this meeting.

It was pointed out after the meeting that this date partly clashes with the BIALL conference (14th – 16th June) so anyone able to host would need to be able to accommodate a Monday or Tuesday (11th or 12th June) meeting.

The topics to be ‘brainstormed’ will be chosen from Project Management, Knowledge Management, Communications, Business Development and Service Delivery (training, current awareness, etc.) Please let Phil know if you have any preferences (or additional topics).

4. Social evening – w/c 9th July – ‘Speed networking’

This will begin at the Squire Sanders office at 5.30pm and move to the Old Contemptibles at an appropriate juncture.

5. A.O.B.

There was no other business

6. PLC – Chris Jeffries & James Chuck

Chris and James provided an interesting presentation on recent and planned developments to PLC.

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